Thursday, December 29, 2005


Why would i call this blog as chronicles of the warrior poet.......

1. I fancy myself as a poet :), there's poetry in each and every beat of the milky way, but i have a problem that my poetry starts flowing in extreme moments of distress , either when i have my manager delicately balancing himself on the edge of my nerves for some deliverable which had to be delivered yesterday or after i've rammed my car into 2 unrecognisable objects which used to be cars before my midas touch fell on them.

2. Life is a war, its a rat race and i ain't no chicken, im in war with my mind all the time . To eat or not to eat, to see or not to see, to be or not to be's a struggle beleive me.

3. Finally the real reason, i have some crap DVD in front of me, that of "Kisna" and at this point of time my cerebral functions have shut down for maintainance and i can see " the warrior poet" on it......

Ok so lets get started.....this blog will mainly be a portal to host my photos (i'll make an honest attempt to be as non narcissitic( if theres such a word) as possible..